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"Our real-world history has always been shaped by war and violence, and society has created modern day mythologies to battle the normalized threat of destruction throughout each advanvement of human technology.


But what if the myths were real? What if, instead of the nuclear bomb, heroes were born, developed, and made into weapons of mass destruction? 


World War II was won, not at the cost of millions of lives, but at the behest of superheroes ending the mayhem. The Cold War wasn't an arms race of nuclear weapons, but an arms race of Mythragenus humans, collecting them as a means of global-political dominance. How differently would our future have unfolded? How would the stockpiling of super-powered beings come to an end? How would you ever declare peace? 

AURORA is the newest and youngest member of such an effort - "THE KEEPERS." She will have to find her footing in the geopolitical chaos that the United Nations controls in the year 2040. Uncovering the truth about the utopia she's been raised in, Aurora discovers how much grit she has to stand alone in the face of global opposition."

This book contains ALL 51 pages of AURORA: Thunders of the Deep #1 as well as character and model sheets!


Cover art by Sorah Suhng and Kate Colors. 

Interior art by Giorgia Sposito and Kate Colors.

Story by Wes Knipe & Sorah Suhng

Letters by Taylor Esposito 

AURORA: Thunders of the Deep #1

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