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Sorah Suhng has been a contributing artist to the comic book industry since 2007.  She has been working primarily as a penciller and illustrator since 2016.  

Sorah Suhng is primarily known for drawing powerful and sexy figures with a high level of details in her cover work. As an artist, she strives to push herself out of her comfort zones with every piece.


"If you're not challenging yourself, you will get bored."

Sorah is the owner and creator of character


Graphic Novel series AURORA


Credits Include: Archie "Holiday" Special through Archie Comics; Lady Death, Hellwitch, and La Muerta through Coffin Comics; Deathrage and Miss Meow through Merc Magazines; Vault Comics; X-O Manowar - Birth, and Ninja-K through Valiant Comics; Void Trip through Image Comics;  her inking, designs, and title designs on titles: Iron Man - The End, Iron Man - Legacy of Doom, Hercules - Twilight of a God through Marvel.


(Page image - (c) Marvel; Pencils - Ron Lim; Iron Man - Legacy of Doom)

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