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Sorah Suhng has been a contributing artist to the comic book industry since 2007. 


She has been working primarily as a penciller and illustrator since 2016.  

Sorah is the owner and creator of character Karnal Sin, with current project free online to read at: 


Graphic Novel series AURORA. 


Credits Include: Archie "Holiday" Special through Archie Comics; Lady Death, Hellwitch, and La Muerta through Coffin Comics; Deathrage and Miss Meow through Merc Magazines; Vault Comics; X-O Manowar - Birth, and Ninja-K through Valiant Comics; Void Trip through Image Comics;  her inking, designs, and title designs on titles: Iron Man - The End, Iron Man - Legacy of Doom, Hercules - Twilight of a God through Marvel.


(Page image - (c) Marvel; Pencils - Ron Lim; Iron Man - Legacy of Doom)

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