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So where do I begin…

KARNAL CONFESSIONS is a small project (illustrated prose) I’m doing to satiate my need to create and write a story near and dear to my heart. This story will be prequel in nature, giving a fun exploration of some key characters and universe that my friend and writer Ryan O’Sullivan (@ryanosullivan – Image Comics, Titan Comics, blah blah blah credits) and I have been working on for a while called: BROKEN.

At its core, this is a love story, where our hero, isn’t actually a hero. She’s a villain. An indulgent, power seeking, survivalist who has never apologized for her appetites. We’ll walk unsteadily with her as she navigates the fallout of her ambitions and her beliefs in an account that is an unrepentant telling of the bad girl who stays bad.

Written and illustrated by me, story edited by Ryan O’Sullivan (to make sure I don’t step on his toes for the big book), and colored by Kate Finnegan (naturally), I hope that you’ll enjoy this

off-the-cuff, informal writing adventure with me!

I’ll be releasing a chapter a month, for free, here on my website. If you’d like to know when I’ve released new content, do be sure to sign up for my MAILING LIST! I’ll send out a little note!

See you

on April 25th!

- Sorah 


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