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Covers ONLY available in the Black Bag!


  • 25 Color Editions
  • 5 Deltria Metal Editions
  • 1 of 1 Special Metal Edition


Your chance of ONE of the above by SEVEN different artists: Jen Broomall (Kate Colors), Creees Lee (Sanju Nivangune), Richard Ortiz (Ceci de la Cruz), Jason Metcalf (Chris Sotomayor), Mario Chavez, Adelso Corona (Juan Fernandez), and Sonia Matas.


Set in the futuristic off-world authoritarian regime of the Dominion, Karnal Confessions follows the wayward journey of a woman hungry for control. An indulgent, power seeking, survivalist, Karnal Sin has never apologized for her appetites. An elaborate, world-jumping tale of interdimensional beings and transdimensional travel omniously shadows over her personal path of vindication and growth, as she learns the price she’s willing to pay to get what she wants. Navigating the fallout of her ambitions and beliefs, she endures, in an account that is an unrepentant telling of the BAD GIRL WHO STAYS BAD.

208 pages of content!


This book contains all TWELVE chapters - 150 pages of written word and 36+ pages of artwork!


Interior art by Sorah Suhng and Kate Colors.


Karnal Confessions: BLACK BAG

  • Returns/refunds accepted only in the case of damage in shipping. Item must be returned in original shipping box. Item must be returned within 7 days of receipt. 

  • DOMESTIC SHIPPING INCLUDED! If ordering internationally, you will need to include additional shipping as follows:

    Canada $8.00
    International $17.00

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