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♫ It's Been A While ♪

Hello Darlings!

It's been a WILDLY hot and spicy minute since I last updated my website effectively. I have remedied that issue!

Brett and I have revamped the contents of my site and we have a built in schedule on updating the galleries, art for sale, and product for sale. I'm still not planning on spamming you all with newsletter emails outside of maybe once a month just to keep you abreast of upcoming events, signings, conventions, projects, kickstarters, etc.

The last few years, as many of you who follow my social media knows, have been tough on both my physical health and mental health. With a tremendous amount of support and patience from my fans, friends, and loved ones, I can confidently say: I'm doing A LOT better on all fronts. I honestly think I suffered a little bit of burn out, and needed to cleanse my life of clutter, as it were.

We have so many fun and ambitious things planned for 2024 AND 2025! And while I suck at keeping secrets, I will have to keep mum until the time is right. One thing I can tease, is that I am going to be releasing another art book called...

So keep your eyes peeled in 2024! Ya know, amongst all the other art drops, cover drops, and what not <3



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